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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wow been a few month never update here.. gosh... i and my darling gerl have been together for 8 months plus.. alhamdullilah.. today is a valentines day and guess wat yesterday kita gauh .. perang besar nye... i think is my fault la.. too stress up... poor her.. kena marah from mi.. i know is my fault yet she say was her fault..im deeply in love with her..n i miss her so much... goin to meet her tonight and goin to give a super hugs.. then tomorrow we goin to sentosa... hehhehe cool kan.. hmm should be romantic day.. hehehe... then the next day goin for fishing heheh and the rest of MAfia FOUndation Clan.. hehheeh .. my aunt tak habis habis cakap bila nak kahwin... kepo ah dia kalau kena lottery takpe.. heheh slowly la kan. k la gtg

addicted2myrongeng at 4:38 PM

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the last time i saw her is on 3 june 2006 where my dad and my anak sedara birthday, i miss her so much.. setiap hari jumaat ade belajar agama at my arwah nenek house at bukit batok.. i always miss that cos of werk.. on 7 july 2006 after i reach home frm werk.. my mum told mi " Az nenek kau dah sakit.. muka lain.." im still like.. ohh ok.. the next day..on 8 july 2006 everything is peacefull.. i woke up quite early cos my gf... neeed to go to the new paper audition.. i need to give her some courage.. talk on the phone je.. then around 12 plus my aunty frm my mother side calll and said.. nenek is admitted to hospital.. then i realise bout my nenek on my father side.. my mind said that .. i will go to my nenek house first tgk dia then fetch my gf around 6 gitu.. then around 3 o'clock.. my dad call.. and say nenek da tenat.. then i prepare to go there .. mandi.. i really need to berak but tak leh.. this cos the delay..then around 350 my mum said "Az cepat Az siap.. gi rumah nenek.." then i say.. Iye mak... then a phone rang.. i was wearing my baju.. my mum shout my name.. "AZZZZ ... nenek da takde......." then i say "nenek ane" my mum say "nenek minah".. i cried and cried and cried... gosh.. jus cant believe it..i really sayang my nenek... i call my sis and my bro...and told them about it..me and my mum terus naik cab.. gi sana.. i regreted not to go there early.. cos i wanted to.. but gosh...upon arrival rush to her room.. sigh.. i jus cant help it.. really..my sedare.. we recite surah YAasin.. beside my arwah grandma and give a kiss at the forehead.. still remember dari kecik.. potong kek birthday pakai HE-MAN sword,during hari raya took lots of pics with her..kiss her.. sigh.. i just miss her so much. macam tak percaya gitu..then the cucu thats mi and all sedare turn by turn baca surah yaasin.. on 9 july 2006 then we dikebumikan blk 26 muslim cemetery.. after the tahlil semua.. i reach home with my family.. semua and get ready to visit my another grandma at CGH.. she's fine.. i give her a power kiss.. before i left.. the next day.. on 10 july 2006..my nenek at my mother side da balik frm hospital..later in the evening kenduri arwah.. for my nenek.. jus after the tahlil.... da makan semua.. lepak at my arwah grandma room all the cucu is there while im holding arwah nenek nye fav bantal... ... suddenly my mum ask all of us to shut up and say" jujuk da meninggal" then every one blur " arwah nenek nye mak la yang stay jurong west" innallilahiwarjiun.. she jus pass away jus now around 11 i guess... everyone of us get ready and proceed to jujuk house.. hmm still remember during hari raya.. took picture formal and informal.. hehehhe her smile.. sooo swit.. semua tinggal kenangan.. dua hari lat.. between daughter and mother...is a big blow for our family...jus remember sayangi la orang yang masih ade.. Al-Fateha..

addicted2myrongeng at 10:54 AM

Monday, May 15, 2006

There are moments in Life when you miss someone so much,U Jus want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real.

When the door of happiness closes, another opens.But often,we look so long at the closed door, we dont see the one which has been opened to us.

Dont go for looks, they can deceive. Dont go for wealth, they can fade away... Go for someone who makes you smile because a smile can make a
dark day bright..

Dream wat you want to dream, go where you want to go, be who you want to be because you have only one life and one chance to do the things you want to do..
the brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past. you cant go forward untill you let go failures and heartaches...

Love your life so that at the end you are the one who is smilling and everyone around you is crying..
Dont count the years-count the memories ..

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moment that take our breath away...

addicted2myrongeng at 12:20 AM

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


3 days more to my bday.. sigh.. suppose to have chalet but fully book.... pit pulak.. same same.. sigh.. finally invited few of ma fwens for dinner.. hope they will make my day... aniway i got a xbox 360, tshirt-obey n nike shoe.. more to come.. ehhehhee this week super duper busy... tomorrow go chalet.. the next day treat my fwen makan.. then the next day.. my fwen treat mi bowling the next day.. treat my fwen makan.. hehhee hmmm k la... gtg.. take care people..

addicted2myrongeng at 11:41 PM

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


arhhh..... hate my day today.. so bored... today is a boring day.. very very super duper boring.. went swimming jus now... then cycle then do 100 push up.. hehhe.. 20 pull up.. sit up 50.. arhhh so shag.. reach home.. make a fruit juice 4 myself.. muahahhahaha... so shag.. 2 days to KL.. hehhee.. i been wondering.. wheres my fwen had gone to... her phone passed away yesterday... and im jus.. arhhhh... shes not online... sigh.... BeRikanLah KeHIdUpAn PeNuH KAsIh SaYanG

addicted2myrongeng at 8:08 PM

Monday, February 06, 2006

Damn im freaking super duper sick.. very very sick.. gosh.. tak leh angkat... i sneeze and sneeze.. so boring at werk.. so tired... super duper shag very shag.. arhhh... and im breakdown too.. early in the morning.. gosh... i jus need sumone to talk and the person not there... sigh... aniway im goin KL this thursday... hehhe should be fun.. shop till my cousin drop.. muahahahaha let him lose weight sikit.. hehhehee.. hmmm tomorrow is my off day.. so bored at home.. hmm k la.. take care chaloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 11:46 PM

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Watssuup Guys,

i dunno wats wrong with mi today ... too much energy.. hehhehe at werk i was dancing all along.. and guess wat.. im the sugardaddy at my shop.. muahahhahaa... is all ladies.. arhhhhhh... been control by them.. muahahhaa.. aniway i haf fun at werk.. hehhe.. Gosh my bro snoring tak leh angkat... macam nak record gitu... so loud... i suppose to go out with my fwen gi JB.. But cancel.. dunno y.. sigh.. aniway i feel bored and lonely.. i tried to keep myself busy but.. i cant.. hehee aniway got probs with my comp...... sortz already.....

addicted2myrongeng at 11:33 PM

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Im super duper sick.. and i did not go to my fwens son pit at simei condo.. gosh.. and i need to rush to my grandma place to see my beloved grandma... her feet... turning red.. poor thing .. cos her left leg has been amputated.. hmmm demam2 pun gi je la.. naik kereta gi sana.. hmm then my dad said to mi theres accident at PIE.. a malay couple i think... the guy died on the spot.. poor thing la.. u have to go u really have to go.. ajal.. hmm then reach my grandma house... the first thing i do was ask my aunty for flu medicine.. ate two of it then i had my dinner there.. makan nasi brani.. hehe power.. as usuall... hmmm play game.. with my crazy cousin.. and sitting outside with them.. jengjengjeng.. the topic of KAHWIN came out.. gosh... cos my the other cousin getting married soon.. rumours dunno true or not.. then they ask my abg sedara bila nak kahwin.. then is my turn gosh... arhh..Azzzz bila kau nak kahwin straight away i said.. Hari Hari boleh kahwin nek.... hehehe.. im still young.. 3 more months to 22.. da tua seh.. sigh... then got to go.. salam my aunt semua and kiss my nenek both cheek.. heheh...cepat2 balik to see if the sweet thing online.. hehhe.. and there she was... :) aloha... hmm tomolo gtg to werk.. arhhh is holiday but theres sumthing special bout tomolo.. dapat HANG pau.. hehhee $50 jadi ahh.. siapa nak kasi seh.. hehehe.. start at 11 finish at 8pm.. after that dunno wat to do.. hehhee.. balik maybe... k la guys.. charomano

addicted2myrongeng at 10:01 PM

GOng Xi fa Cai...

Assalamualaikum.. tak jawab dosa...it was interesting nite yesterday.. after werk me and my fwen chill at starbuck... cos semua kedai tutup... and GOSH my cuzin gi KL.. comfirm kedai semua tutup so they can go with mi again.. on this FEB .....hmm in the train on the way home got this bangla disturb aunty... nyonya.. quite funny la.. but y nyonya.. sigh desperate kot.. reach home i g online jap.. this is where i knew this wonderful person we chat and chat and realise that wat i likes she likes.. heheh incommon la gitu.. then come my bro..sibuk je.. kacau daun.. wanna use the comp.. so i told her to sms mi heheh n today when i woke up.. i was so strange.. really.. i dunt know y.. check my HP.. once i open my eyes...theres no one sms mi.. and so eager to get online... n hope she online... and there she is.. hehhehe.. thank god.. got to chat with her again.. hehehe.. hope to know her better... hehhehehehe .. later goin to my fwens house at simie condo.. anak dia bday.. hehhee.. k la .. gtg see ya around....

addicted2myrongeng at 1:13 PM

Friday, January 06, 2006

holaaa guys,
im sorry that been few months never update.. since last year raye.. hehhee.. nah.. been ups down lately... hmmm hari raye haji around the corner.. having ma off day... ... so far everything gosh fine... saving money to go KL and my studies.. sigh.. money money money....

addicted2myrongeng at 11:18 PM

Monday, October 24, 2005

hi everyone.. in sorry that i never update for a long long time.. one month liaw.. heheh.. aniway im fine.. broken hearted je.. sigh..hmmm cam ne nak start.. aniway jus reach home frm werk jus now.. my boss let mi off early so kind of her.. hehehe.. and im super duper shaq.. penat giler nye .. my mind jus empty.. got nothing to update.... aniway... ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya yang akan menjelma kepada semua rakan rakan tak kisah jauh ke dekat ke... atas ke bawah ke..online or offline... minta maaf la kalau ade terkasar bahasa.. kurang ajar etc... itu sahaja... chalooooooooooooooooo...

i will update.. lepas rayeeeeeeeeeeee.. cya...

addicted2myrongeng at 7:38 PM

Monday, August 15, 2005

Alooooha... hmmm yesterday should be saturday.. hehhehe.. yeah.. early in the morning woke up at 6am to get ready to werk... werk shaq man... so tired.. really super duper tired.. but time past so fast.. hehee.. and it was 4 pm already.. time to go home.. call haniffa bout the gathering... so he pass ira number.. hehe.. and he said he will come down and join us.. so i go ahead firstla.. hehehhe then.. met ira at isetan.. hehhee.. im so shy sia actually.. gosh b4 she bring me to the rest of them, my heartbeat i think around 130 per minute hahaha.. nervous tau.. then met nana and shikin ma sister fwen.. gosh this is ma first time go out with ma sis frens sia.. i feel uneasy seh.... while browsing some clothes.. then.. jengjengjeng saw ma ex... aaahahaha kekasih lama da sabariah..hahha lama tak jumpa.. hehhehe she werk there.. hahaha a few minutes later met junie.. hehhee.. so is like five-some.. hehhe.. so i try to blend with them... and its really well blend..friendly.. usually i used to meet one person but this 4 unknown person in a row.. tak leh angkat ahaks.. ok la.. the gals love to take picture.. gosh..aniwhere anitime till the battery ask for last gasp..then they stop... hehhee..luckily i lazy to bring mine.. so bulky.. but i loike junie and ira camera.. so slim...like shikin hehehe..so we window shop and shop and shop and never buy anything.. hehhe.. help junie to survey sumthing for her boyfriend..hmmm then ira keep on pestering us that she so hungry and we had our late dinner at sakura.. kecoh...so happening la... really.. so after that we went to mccafe to chill.. around 2230 hrs.. then everyone busy with their laki,boyfriend and tunang .. and nana.. tu i dunno.. ...hmmm hope to meet them again hehehe.. they are so fun so kecorable and luv to smile and smile and smile and gossip all the long and they wont leave their home without dijicam along.. hehhee.. i try to steal some pics frm them to let u guys c otay....so i reach home around 0030hours.. and i nearly late for work today gosh.. so tired.. so super shag...i done 3 cases and went for standby at sentosa tanjong beach.. for NUS triatlon gosh.. lots of hot chick hehhehe.. manhunt etc.. and i was shock that ma fwen participate too hhehehe... 800m swim 17 km cycle and 5km jog wanna give a try.. join the nus triatlon next year... hahaa... so hot today... panas giler nye.. im tanned.. end at 5 then reach home around 6 gitu... finally and tomorrow is ma off day.. yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. thats it..

addicted2myrongeng at 12:06 PM

Friday, August 12, 2005

hmm by popular demand... i finally add entry in here since... i started werk .. hmmm... wat a day... super duper shaq.. super shaq... hahaha... tak leh angkat la my job.. lots of politic... malay company.. ahhhhhh... lots of responsibility but gaji sikit je.. sigh...less time to meet ma fwens... b4 this i werk at starbucks at town.. every day meet my frens.. but this.. satu pun tak.. i feel lonely...upset with love.. sigh..so i depend with ma best friend...cos i got no friends to turn to..i really treasure ma deary best fren seh.. mostly they will said that bila i got problem je call them.. i think they dont understand mi..thanks to ma best friend.. lup ya many many.... im stress with ma new petetic high responsibility low salary job...im goin to quit soon aniway.. cos i cant support ma study with that kind of pay..alahai....i must atleast save $500 a month... stress man.. to achieve sumthing u need to sacrifise a lot of stuff seh..frens...stop enjoying already... im not easily influence guy luckily im non smoker or drinker... if not.. waste money on that thingy...mostly 98% of ma frens smoke.. ma aim right now is to get a new good well paid job..then i can achieve ma degree ma career come first.. so shaq man.. yeah tomorrow meeting ma frens.....yahoo.. hopefully eeverything goes well............................ thats... all.. aniway i hate ma job man.................... chaloooooooooooooosssssssssssss

addicted2myrongeng at 10:26 PM

Sunday, July 24, 2005

hola guys... hmm im so tired this past few days been busy werking mostly standby at events.. recently at Japenese garden where all first yr SMU student having camp there.. etc la..GUess wat.. FINALLY i have my own room.. YAhooo.. ma sis move away yesterday.. muahahhahaa... happy seh.. in my whole life...this is ma first time man.. i usually sleep outside at the living room .. i got a room but dun want to share with ma sarcastic bro... so thats ma big bro room. hehe.. finally man.. i will take a picture of it and let u guys see it aites.. hehehhehehe

addicted2myrongeng at 1:29 PM

Sunday, July 17, 2005

i've learned that the best weight loss program is a broken heart

i've learned that we dont have to change friends if we understand that friends change

i've learned that every women is beautiful when she smile

i've learned that it is okay to give advice but you shouldn't expect anyone to take it

i've learned that when i'm rich , my number of frens increases dramatically

i've learned that sometimes jus taking a nap can be the best very best medicine you ever had..

i've learned that you shouldn't cry over anything that cant cry back

i've learned that if you say "i love you " to ur parents, they're goin to ask you,"what do you

i learned that you dont really know a person untill you've made them mad

i've learned that happiness is not how much you have but your capacity to enjoy what you have.

i've learned that to enjoy time alon, you must first appreaciate the person you are with...

i've learned that you can live with choices you have made yourself,but you live to regret the
choices you let others make for you....

i've learned that in relationships, its better to have an end with misery than misery without end..

k guys im so shaq.. tired.. actually im so lazy to update but since ma fwen ask mi to.. jus do it then.. continue ma story.. hahahahaa. k lor... hmmmm so tired.. hmm must i try tongkat ali... cos i feel tired lately... hmmmmmm ............................ im werking tomorrow... start at ten.. i need a rest now... k people... take care ya chalooooooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 10:55 PM

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

i've learned that it's hard to determine where to draw the line between being nice and not hurting people's feelings and standing up for what you believe.

i've learned that you know you're in love when you dont have to ask anyone else if you are..

i've learned that life is like a book.Sometimes we must close a chapter and begin the next one..

i've learned that when u love someone, you see with your heart instead of your eyes

i've learned that im glad that i grew up in a poor household. it taught me that one doesn't need a lot of money to be happy and that there's an advantage to having strugle a bit

i've learned that you shouldn't talk about what you're goin to do. DO it then talk...

i've learned that its the teacher and not the subject that makes class interesting...

i've learned that there is no greater feeling of self worth than when you help someone in need

i've learned that it is possible to fall madly in love with jus one glance

i've learned that what people want most in life is to be loved and appreciated

i've learned that when i am feeling terribly unloved by someone, i need to ask myself what i've done recently to show i love them..

i've learned that having someone tell you that he or she loves you and having someone show you he or she loves you are two completely different things

i've learned that if i carry on telling you what i've learned my finger will be tired by then.. hehehe yeah im tired.. jus came back frm werk.. hehehe.. so far so good.. everything.. only tat i feel lonely sumtimes.. very lonely... very very lonely.. sigh... life must go on.. i will cont.. telling u guys what i've learned aites... k la chaaloooo

addicted2myrongeng at 9:27 PM

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My life is a puzzle,
It used to be complete,
But now there’s something missing,
A very special piece.

Without that piece
I feel nothing at all,
That piece...
It helped me up from my fall.

Without that piece,
I feel so very far;
I feel like God’s
Most distant star.

Without that piece,
I feel I have no grace,
I feel so ugly
I don’t want to show my face.

Without that piece
My body is weak.
I can’t touch or laugh,
Or even Speak.

When losing that piece,
I also lost my smile;
Lately I
Have been in great denial.

Without that piece,
I stand in the rain,
I feel no good,
I feel nothing but pain.

Without that piece,
I haven’t a single chance;
No matter where I go,
Or where I glance.
I feel so empty,
I feel so hollow.

Without that piece,
I have no food to swallow.
Without that piece,
My head turns and turns,
My eyes only cry,
And my heart only burns.

Without that piece,
I have lack of emotion,
I haven’t got the heart,
For love and devotion.

Without that piece,
Nothing seems right.
I get cold and scared;
I shake all night.

Without that piece,
There is no such bliss,
as love, caring,
Or even a kiss.

In this world,
I have no belonging, or place.
I have nothing to hold,
Love and embrace.

Without that piece,
Life is full of sigh,
I wish I wasn’t living,
I wish I could die!

That piece I know,
I will forever miss,
It showed me love
and tenderness.

Everything I said
will always be true,
'Cause the piece that I lost
can only be you!

addicted2myrongeng at 9:35 PM

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hola guys,
Gosh today super shag man... werk up so early for werk.. hehhee.. werk was fun.. learn lots of new stuff.. mostly practical.. hehhee.. yeah.. of cos la life as a Paramedic.. hehehe.. fun.. end werk at 5 then straight to Jurong point popular to use my $25 voucher.. so i pick this book by mitch albom (the five people he met in heaven) , this book about 15 yrs to 92years of aged about life love happiness and took some stationary and proceed to counter.. and guess WAT!! the voucher expire 4 days ago.. gosh..i tot expire 31 june. arhhhhhhh buat malu je... and i forgot to bring ma ATM card.. and i got few cash je.. PAiseh sia.. then i jus said i pay for my stationary je.. luckily theres no other customer behind me muahahaha... wat a day.. i cant wait to read the mitch albom book... sigh... tak tercapai la.. next time then.. hmmm k la guys hope tomorrow gerek day for mi.. hehehe...

addicted2myrongeng at 6:50 PM

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

SI beh sian... today boring gilerrrrrrrrrrr nye ... gosh.. oh ya.. guess wat... my penunggu rumah(spirit of the house) is a malay lady.. who like to hang around where i slept always.. arhhhhhhh hehehe.. i wonder how she look like.. hehhee.. my uncle told mi.. quite scary but i think i season with her liaw..believe it or not.. scary seh.. hehhee so bored man today.. play PS2 fifa street.. hehhehe then watch mr and mrs smith.. hehhee.. cool movie.. then on my comp.. try to dwld intial d movie.. but cant... so i end up dwld the incredibles.. hehehe oh ya guys LOngest Yards is a cool movie.. i watch it already hehhee.. at malaysia.. hehhee.. cool show.. by MTV..theres nelly and stone cold in it.. hehhe cool la about american football.. where prisoner will vs the guards(police) cool show.. quite funny..oh ya.. hows my KL trip.. hahaa.. was fun.. super fun.. very fun.. kecohrable.. very fun.. ok la.. my aunt ask mi to get ready by 8am but she fetch mi at 1045am.. waste my freaking 2hrs sleeping time.. gosh.. drove there .. by the time we reach around 3 i think... slight jam... stay at legend apartment.. the moment we reach there get the xbox and play game.. hahaha.. while my two little cuzin went for a swim at the swimming pool hehhee then we went to PS(petaling street) for shopping.. hehe shop and shop... non stop.. so is sleeping time.. guess wat.. theres no blanket and we use curtains.. hahhaa.. mi and my big cuzin.. he snore and snore super loud.. cant sleep imagine.. when he snored i whack him not to snore.. hehhe.. but still the same.. so i cover his face with blanket to lower down the volume of his snore.. hahhaaha.. jahat kan... we plan to wake up at 8 to swim but end up woke up at 1030 hahhaa.. so we went to bukit bintang.. klcc etc.. and headed back and we went for a swim.. lots of hot chicks.. sia.. but too bad.. takle angkat.. hehe the night we went to ps again.. shop again.. bought shoe.. etc.. so when back and watch dvd.. hehhee.. not porn ya.. hehe.. so the next day we suppose to check out at 12 and all of us woke up late.. hahha check out.. we went to masjid india.. bought some stuff and we went to ps again.. gosh.. shop and shop again..then had lunch at A&W expensive sia.. sigh.. so we went back... and reach singapore around 9pm and straight to my grandma house for belajar agama at bukit batok .. then ma mum fetch mi home but must send sumthing to woodlands... gosh.. finally im home.. super shaq...... very shaq.. thats all about my trip..and now hehhe boringggggggg im freaking bored very bored... super bored .. i wonder who babe in paradise was.. hmm mystery gal... hehhe.. oh ya.. i think i know.. gwen hehheee.... my long lost and found fwen.. hehhe.. hope she doin fine now...miss her much too... i know she always busy with her upcoming concert... muahahaha.. k la people.. gtg.. chow..............

addicted2myrongeng at 6:59 PM

Monday, June 20, 2005

HOllaaaa ,
Hmmmm finally im back .. hahhaha... gosh.. got alot of stuff happen this month man.. hehhehe... aniway... i become uncle already since 3 june 2005 and guess wat same date with ma dad birthday.. hehhehee cool kan.. aniway his name is muhammad danish irfan bin heirman.. hehhe.. so i call him danish.. yeah... so kecohrable.. hehe everything goes fine till this particular thing happen at werk.. sigh every one hates mi and did not trust mi.. so for wat i come to werk kan semua orang muka masam.. decided to transfer or quit and concentrate on my other job paramedic hmmmm... sigh much more better... now i stay at home all day long watch this cartoon mardacassca eh.. watever it call la... quite kelakar.. glak glak glak.. hmmm yeah goin to to KL again.. with my fav aunty.. hhehe.. and the devil and big devil muahahahaha... will be staying at this apartment call hmmm ape eh.. dunno where.. wed till dunno when.... sigh... no money already.... bankrupt liaw.. sigh.. how to go shopping.........hmmm dunno la.. i know i goin to start another job.............................life is so miserable........oh ya u guys heard about this bukit batok thingy about the pochong thingy... it happen near my grandma house... gosh... story goes like this... is on friday or saturday nite..near blk 229 and 228 they tgh rewang then they saw that thing jumping around.. everyone saw it... gosh and they called police.. wat can the police do... sigh... this thing happen last week.. on 11 june i think... warna and ria radio channel came out the news... and guess wat i jus know it today... it happen at my grandma house...no wonder my grandma house tingkat semua close.. it been one week .. i heard about it but it happen at blk 112 bukit batok they said that this particular person menjaga this thingy.... gosh.. freaking scary man... so the investigation continue.. my aunt call one of the uztad... yesterday and today he told that... the owner of the pochong is asking for money he making money la.. understand tak.. so he trying to tell people that his spiritual power is good... he is a gd bomoh actually he is not..is like he can make tis thing dissapear but actually this thing is his... he jus playing with u around.. when he want money he bring this thing out... gosh... tak halal tu... aniway ... further investigation in the spiritual world continues.....anione who had this thingy to do this stuff to scare people.. the black magic(ilmu hitam) is super strong.. yah... imagine.. Gula-gula (pochong) gosh.. scary kan so jus istirfar aje.. jus walk as normal... jumpa say hi aje.. hehhee.. jus avoid goin home late... when u reach ur house.. remember to terlajak sikit... so this spirit wont follow u home.. beri salam.... then when in your house.. sit at ur hall for a few minutes then masuk bilik... so the thing dont follow u.. is up for u to believe la... Pertua.. believe it or not...

addicted2myrongeng at 6:38 PM

Sunday, May 29, 2005

damn... this month sucks man.. really hate it... too much problem.. ma family, ma bro, ma werk,ma friends bla bla bla..... arh really hate it man...... and ma comp... arhhhhhhhhhh... now im at ma cousin house.. hahha using his comp... hehehe.. ma kl trip cancel... shit man... ya and ma sis.. pregnant for 9 months 17 days already.. date due already.. gosh... sigh...too much problem... really too much..... and today is ma off day... so sian nothing to do... meet ma fwen chill untill cant chill.. i jus hate ma life..... really.... gosh... so sian... boring.......................................................... hmmm dunno when i will update again....k la take care aigths.... Chaloooooooooooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 10:22 PM

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Gosh.............. im super duper shagg man.... werk late yesterday.. hheheee.. till 1 am then we played soccer after tat... penat man and today werk closing.. hehehe oh ya i like to apologise to everyone in the house who keep looking at ma bloggy hehhehe.. sorry never update.. my computer commit suicide last week.. i think my comp too stress hehhee.. RIP aight... and now im using my bro petetic lap top quietly.. hahaha aniway he's not here so hack care la.. guess wat ma yahoo emaill... gosh theres 1004 email.. gosh.. im lazy too delete.. arhhhhhhhhhhh... oh ya.. goin to KL this 9-12th june.. anione wanna follow.. hehhehee... hmmmm ape lagi eh..oh ya i dunno when is ma next entry.... hmmm if u want my number.. read ma entry.. below.. u will find ma number there..i dunno which one but there is .. hehhe k la.. i think thats all lah.. hmmmmmmmm k la guys gtg take care aigths.. chalooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 11:58 AM

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Definition of Love
My love is of a birth as rare As 'tis for object strange and high;
It was begotten by Despair Upon Impossibility.
Magnanimous Despair alone Could show me so divine a thing
Where feeble Hope could ne'er have flown,
But vainly flapp'd its tinsel wing.

And yet I quickly might arrive
Where my extended soul is fixt,
But Fate does iron wedges drive,
And always crowds itself betwixt.

For Fate with jealous eye does see
Two perfect loves, nor lets them close;
Their union would her ruin be,
And her tyrannic pow'r depose.

And therefore her decrees of steel
Us as the distant poles have plac'd,
(Though love's whole world on us doth wheel)
Not by themselves to be embrac'd;
Unless the giddy heaven fall,
And earth some new convulsion tear;
And, us to join, the world should all
Be cramp'd into a planisphere.

As lines, so loves oblique may well
Themselves in every angle greet;
But ours so truly parallel,
Though infinite, can never meet.

Therefore the love which us doth bind,
But Fate so enviously debars,
Is the conjunction of the mind,
And opposition of the stars.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

sorry been 2 weeks never update busy man... hahahaha.. with me and ma Girlfwen.. hehhee hmmmm aniway ma wisdom tooth hilang... gitu2 hahahaha....... hmm sigh... poor girlfwen... came to ma house jus now meet ma parents.. she was so nervous.. poor girl... aniway she make ma parents happy with her beautiful smile.... hehheeee...... so overwhelming.. hehhe k la.... chow...... gtg.. see ya in few weeks again ya.. chow...

addicted2myrongeng at 10:24 PM

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Damn i got a wisdom tooth damn.. arhhhhhhhh... gosh... so painful.. izzit ok if i never see doctor.. and jus leave it like that.. hehe.. gosh... so painful sia... hehehe.. hmmm sorry guys.. been 10 days never update.. heheh. busy making expensive coffee heheehe... sigh.. hmm so far... no story to tell.... hehhee... i jus had a new hobby.. hehehe.. ma new hobby is.. reading story book.. hehhe.. yeah ma first book half way finish it Dan Brown.. Davinci Code.. hehe cool book... hehehe.. so thick.. usually i read it in the train... hmmm k la guys.. gtg.. chalooooo

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Shag sia today..... hehehe yesterday slept at 5am.. and woke up at 11am.. gosh.. penat seh.. then in the afternoon gi main soccer at ECP.. hehee Penat gilerrrrrr.. im soooo tired... very tired..... hehhe.. then gi Lucky plaza and makan... there.. actually wanna eat fish ball noodle dry but.. da habis.. buat penat je gi sana.. then went to starbuck.. and met ma old buddy.. FArid.. hahah and kimberly.. maybe they goin to HRC.. reggaenight.. hahah sunday.. as usual.. hmmm thats it.. im really really shaq.... Gosh.. i think need some tongkat Ali Muahahahaha......

addicted2myrongeng at 10:04 PM

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Gosh. today so boring day man.. jus stay at home.. updating ma blog.. and do nothing.. hehehe.... update ma new pics...... hehehe... loads of it.... hehhe go check it out.... gosh Boringgg gilerrrrrrrrrr nyeeeeee

addicted2myrongeng at 12:20 AM

Friday, April 08, 2005

Holla guys,
hmmm gosh.. yesterday went to meet ma very close fwen who really understand mi.... hehhe...at PS.. finally
man.. very busy gal.. hehe.. thanks for her present.. so sweet of her.. hehhee.. too bad her BF does not understand her.. and they always quarrel.. poor thing.. hmmm yeah today woke up at 10am.. hehhe suppose to meet them at jurong achery.. hehhehe is fun man.. hehehe check the pics man...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

addicted2myrongeng at 3:45 PM

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

hmmm today woke up at 10am... hehhe then follow ma mum gi Sing Sheong supermarket... hehehehe bought ma fav ice cream.. hehe chocolate raisin, nut,almond ice cream.. hmmmm power... hehhee... then had breakfast with her..... then balik.. ehhehee now im waitin for the call......... the call that is important.. hehhee...... hopefully i get the job..... hehehehe

addicted2myrongeng at 1:33 PM

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Gosh today was so bored.. stay at home..... watch White Chick heheh then play PS2 hahhaah.. gosh and guess wat.. ma online msn fren frm zurich call mi and said she arrived in singapore since 1st april.. she did call mi the next day thats is on ma bday... so sweet of her.. hehehe.. but im not at home.. gosh and she called jus now ma home and ma mum pick up the phone and said to mi .. ade maksalleh call...then i looked at her.. huh.. hehe...is Smackie.. hehhe actually her name was lina..long story la..she stay at her nenek house.. cute la.. and we chat about 2hrs.. hehhee... share our stories etc.... the best thing is she leaving tomorrow.. :( damn aru nak jumpa.. aniway she will be coming here for hari raya.... so i jus wait .. hehhee.... k la... hmm guess wat.. ma big brother is crying now.... gosh.. tak leh kena sikit...... cos im in his room... then he throw all his stuff on the floor..... this is not the first time....... arhh dont want to talk bout him........ k la............. wish mi all the best for tomorrow.................. hehhehehee aniway.. im too emotional la tadi.... so jiwanging..... hehhehe... k laaaaaaaa chaloooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 9:53 PM

I write to you today Not to tear you apart, But I write to you today To say what's on my heart.
I know that we've been friends For a very long long time,You've told me your secrets And I have told you mine. We've shared many special times Like true good friends would,You're one of those peopleWho really knows me good. You hold a special place In the center of my heart,
And my undying prayer Is that we never grow apart. But there's something more that's there
Something more than friends, Something I believe is real, And I know it will never end!What all started as just a dream Has now actually
become real, I really don't mean to hurt anyone
I just can't help the way I feel. I began to question If my feelings for you were true,
But really there's no question about it Everything I want is you!Everything I needed
Was right before my eyes, But I was just so stupid I never did realize
. It was when you decided To find someone to share your heart with, That my feelings started to come together And you I started to miss. I hope that you're not angry At the way I feel for you,But my heart just can't be stopped These feelings are just so true. I know we'd both be happy To be with one another,
To go on for a lifetime Only loving each other. You are such a special friend And if I lost you I would never cease to cry, So promise me you'll always be my friend And let's give our love a try!

addicted2myrongeng at 1:43 PM

TeArS of A MAn
Have you ever sat and wondered why A boy was taught to never cry
To see a tear fall from his eye They say is weakness, but I'll deny

The fact of this is so unfair Because it's right for boys to care
For when he grows to be a man

A woman needs a gentle hand, She'll help him up when he is down
And wipe away the tears and frown This does not make him less a man
It only means to love, he can...

The Girl I Have Never Met....
I love a girl,Oh, so much.I love her soft,tender touch,Her soft lips,Beautiful eyes Glistening off
The morning sunrise.We watch the sunrise And the sunset.But this girl I've never met.
In my dreams She is so real. It's just the way She makes me feel. If I could meet A girl like this,
Her every move I would not miss.

This girl would be, Oh, so sweet Holding my hand,Walking down the street. She could tell me she loves me In front of her friends, Saying what we have Will never end. But if it does,
We'll stay together Just as friends Always and forever.

This is the girl I want forever. If you can find her,Tell her... I love her.

As the tears rolled down my face,I sit and wonder why our love just ended
and why you said good-bye everytime those words, "I'll never hurt you"
came across your lips, I actually believed you, you had my heart doing flips

Now it's one month later and things seem dark and blue because you just proved
that phrase was not true, you say that you love me and you will until you die
but how can I believe you when it's probably another lie,
So now you sit here and tell me, "You'll do better with another guy"
huh!, I guess you're right for the first time, you didn't lie!

addicted2myrongeng at 1:28 PM

Yesterday is ma MOnday Blues.......hehhee woke up at 2pm hahaha... then ma mum nag at mi to go to CPF building to handover form.. muahahha.. wait there for 1/2hr gosh lembab seh.. then went to standard chartered bank .. but close and need to pay 50 bucks additional which i pay today.. gosh.. went to JE library.. cant find ma book then went to WL library... stay there till 9pm.. heehehe.. gosh.. then balik.. hehhee...... sigh. today hmmm hopefully today is a wonderful day for mi.. hehhee............

I've learned so many things
from the experiences we've been through
but the hardest lesson, yet, to learn
is how to "unlove" you

I've learned not to fall so hard-
not to fall in love so fast
because, as quickly as it comes into your life,
it can quickly become your past

I've learned not to trust- so much,
to read between the lines
because, if I had known what I now know
I would have known you were never mine

I've learned not to be so open
not to wear my feelings on my face
because, they can be used against you
like they were.. in my case

I've learned to be more honest
to express how I feel
because, you never knew how I felt
because, I kept my feelings sealed

I've learned not to be so accepting
to put someone else before me
because, when I did this for you
you never fulfilled my needs

I've learned it is not always best
to give out a second chance
because when I did this for you
you took me for granted

I've learned not to be so nice
not to be so believing
because you forsook my love
and mistook my kindness for weakness

I've learned NOT to believe
that absence makes the heart grow fonder
because when I tried to give you your space
it made your heart wander

I've learned NOT to be so forgiving
and to try to make things work
because when I did this for you
I only got myself hurt

I've learned so many things
from the experiences we've been through
but the hardest lesson, yet, to learn
is how to "unlove" you

addicted2myrongeng at 1:12 PM

Sunday, April 03, 2005

hai guys,
hmmm today is ma shopping day man.. when for interview and she will give mi a call on wednesday.. heheh all the best for mi.. hehehe ya went shopping alone.. hehehe damn i bought ma kakak roxy strap.... bought ma father polo ralph lauren polo t shirt.. gosh guess wat happen.. i went in at paragon polo ralph and this malay girl dun wanna serve mi... cos im malay.. gosh.. this gal should kena buang and let mi werk there... gosh.. then went to isetan polo ralph and bought ma dad white polo-t cost $82... and i went in the boutique again at paragon then she served mi.. and i bought this $115 polo-shirt for ma dad.. gosh... then went to borders in the middle of the rain and bought FHM.. hehehe.. so tired and i never bought anything for ma self.. hehhee thanks to ma fwen bought mi this levis long sleeves shirt.. so sweet of her.. hehhe.. and we watch Be COOL.. heheh quite funny.. show.. then chill at coffee bean then i gtg to teck whye restaurant Sinaran.. hav dinner there with ma family then balik lor....hehhehe thats all folksy........... Muahahhahahahahaaa

addicted2myrongeng at 11:31 PM

gosh.. remember i told u guys that i got no plan... hahhaa on ma bday yesterday.. thanks to ma fwens man... yuana and the geng.. and halija man.. k k.. let tell u guys wat i have done yesterday i suppose to take starbucks booklet.. but they buway me.. muahahaha.. then meet yuana and faizal at topshop.. then they brought mi to coffeebean and meet the crazy geng.. muahahhaa.. suddenly
one slice chocolate cake with a candle appear infront of mi.. hehhee to touching damn.. they sing the bday song in a low volume.. then i gtg...and meet halija and the geng suppose to .. but the geng bubble... she bought a chocolate cake again.. then went back to coffeebean and meet the crazy geng put the cake there and bought Avril lavigne tix.. so nice of her.. went back take a sit and guess wat.. they light up the candle and gosh.. they sang nono.. they shouted the loudess bday song ever... muahahhaa... buat orang blush je.. then they went off... hahaha poor mi.. need to eat bday cake alone with halija.. then we went off to the concert man.. hehehhee.. so packo.. hehehe.. punya la ramai.. gosh.. the security spot check us no camera allowed.. but too but i sneak in halijas digi cam.. hehhe. mine too big ahh.. they easily spot it... k la.. hav fun there.. then we took a cab and balik............................ and guess wat reach home je.. ma dad say.. got sumthing for ya... but i suspect already..comfirm cake.. Gosh is true a chocolatee cake hahaha.. make a wish again...hhehehee... and thats about it.. today is another story for another good day... chalooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 10:50 AM

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Birthday Speech,
Muahahaha... damn im old already...... gosh....and today i got lots of stuff to do.. actually....ma fwen ask mi to go with her watch avril lavin concert with her she pay everythiing.. and i also promise another fwen to go out with her... gosh.. so confused... and jus now ma sis ask wat do i want for my birthday...i jus went blank...... gosh....................and Guess wat im goin for the concert... hahahhahahaha............. thanks to ma fwen.... hehhe .... and im sorry for the another fwen.. sorry tau.... aniway she got plan tu.. so no hard feeling aights..... hmm take care guys.. oh ya.. ma digi cam.. hehhe lupa nak charge ler........

addicted2myrongeng at 11:58 AM

Friday, April 01, 2005

didn't know that ma pic below so big hahaha.. hehehhee.. k guys happy april fools day........ hahahhaa and tomorrow is bloody fools day and its ma birthday.. so bored.. no plan. arhhhhhh.... Gosh..... hmmmm so bored man.. at home..nothing to do...i think goin to play PS2 later.. hahha. then then then la......then later ade Sharahan at night at ma grandma house..Sigh...............

addicted2myrongeng at 2:04 PM

Thursday, March 31, 2005



addicted2myrongeng at 8:29 PM

Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are.
Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two.
In love, unlike most other passions, the recollection of what you have had and lost is always better than what you can hope for in the future.
The essence of romantic love is that wonderful beginning, after which sadness and impossibility may become the rule.
How sweet it is to love, and to be dissolved, and as it were to bathe myself in thy love.
Happiness lies in being privileged to work hard for long hours in doing whatever you think is worth doing. One man may find happiness in supporting a wife and children. Another may find it in robbing banks. Still another may labor mightily for years in pursuing pure research with no discernible result. Note the individual and subjective nature of each case. No two are alike and there is no reason to expect them to be. Each man or woman must find for himself or herself that occupation in which hard work and long hours make him or her happy. Contrariwise, if you are looking for shorter hours and longer vacations and early retirement, you are in the wrong job. Perhaps you need to take up bank robbing. Or geeking in a sideshow. Or even politics.
We are never the same with others as when we are alone. We are different, even when we are in the dark with them.
What makes loneliness an anguish is not that I have no one to share my burden, but this: I have only my own burden to bear.

Thats all guys..

addicted2myrongeng at 12:17 PM

Damn.. im so headache man.. gosh.. now im so confuse.. nowadays theres too many online journal.. friendster,myspace,multiply,blogspot etc.. so many.. dunno which one to update man.. haha..guess wat i did today.. follow ma mum.. gi pasar.. hehhe okok i know i mummy boy.. hehe then lepak jap.. then went to ma old werk place Jurong west NPc.. Gymnasium do some weight lifting then main bola.. hahhaa.. heheh super duper shaq man.. then buy fish food.. balik kasi makan ... then wash the fish tank.. gosh in one week.. around 10 fish died in one tank.. one tank consist of more then 100 fishes.. hehe gosh.. cian.. dah ajal i think.. hehehe.. got 3 3feet tank.. gosh.. then on ma comp.. try to update this thinggy.. but takle.. finally boleh.. hahhaa.. and im super duper headache.. ahh berdenyut denyut.. hehehe k la.. chaloooooooo hehehe

addicted2myrongeng at 1:32 AM

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

hi guys,
been years never update ma bloggy.. hahahaa... hmmm thank god i finally ORD... hahahaha been waiting seh.. miss all ma fwens.. having fun with them... NS life taught mi how to be a Man.. hahahaa... be a man do the right thing.. hehehe..more matured.. im a change man ... really change man..check out the pics man... miss ma pink IC..hmmm does who have not enlist yet.. jus remember.. all is in ur mind.. mind over body..ur mental.. heheh.. so pelan pelan kayu k... while i clearing ma leave.. i keep looking for job.. hahhaaha.. susah seh.. finally i went back to ma old job Starbucks... cool... hmmm might be promoted to manager if i did well.. hehehe... thats wat the store manager said.. hmm.. not bad huh.. sigh..been boring day for mi... start work on ma bday.. 2 april.. hehehe cepat seh hmm oh ya.. ma fren got probs.. cian seh she 18 and she fall in love with a guy age 27.. gosh.. there must be a problem here both of them jus got to know each other for few days.. and ma fwen fall in lup with him already.. i think the guy use sumthing to let ma fwen in lup with him...SUSUK i think... poor gal.. cian seh soo worried bout her although did not know her well but we did share our probs ... hopefully everything goes well for her.....aniway she had exam tomorrow.. all the best aigths gwen... hmmm k la guys.. short and sweet one.. will update again tomolo.. tatata.... chaloooooooooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 9:34 PM

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hey Ya....
hola guess.. been few days never update .. hahaha busy man.. busy looking for jobs.. hhehehe.. damn... i. left 4 days to ORD damn... so stress up.. lots stuff to do man... need to find permanent office hour job so i can study at nightand pay ma fees.. Gosh.. got white hair liow.. too stress hahahahaa.... actually found one....but i dunno i can do it or not.. gosh.. is like promoter siak.. hate it.. ahhhh still findinggosh need to surrender ma warrant card etc.. life as a police man is fun man.. hehehe this saturday is ma last day of werk.. so sad man.. with them for 2 yrs plus.. like family seh... i never forget them man.. k guys goin to put lots of new photos.. hehhehehehe.. soon not now.. take care guys.... bissou s---chaloooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 8:52 PM

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Damn man.. today so bored... woke up at 1140am...check ma email etc.. so bored got nothing to do.. so i decided to jog at the chinese gardenpark.. nice sinery hahahhaa... now im so shaq.. super duper shaq.. hahaha... did a few push up at home.. hehhehe i left 10 days exactly to ORD hahaha.. counting down man... then decided to study hehehhe... at MDIS i made up ma mind already.. i dont care.. no one can stop mi.. hahhaa.. and i meed to find office hr job also.. to support. hmmmm nak tak nak je.....thinking of ma career already..... hahhahaa....need to put BGR aside.. hehhee klor...... no women no cry...hahha Chalooooooooooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 7:07 PM

Monday, March 14, 2005

hi guys,
hmmm thank god ma grandma was ok.. da discharge pun hehhehe..... hmmm u know sumthing.. last saturday.. went to IT FAIR.. so pack.. went there meet ma fren for a while then i chill alone at starbucks city hall... gosh so bored so i waited for ma best fren to finish werk.. wait there for 2 hours.. hahhaa.... then we walk to town.. and guess wat.. theres loads of ma frens there.. bersepah.. thats wat ma fren said.. hhhaa.. k then reach home around 1 plus the next day werking morning.. hahhaaa... and guess wat.. i become TP jap... summon lots of vehicle.... near ma area.... nearly 20 vehicle.. so i help the goverment $1400 if one vehicle is 70 bucks.. heheh jahat eh... hahaha... hmmm so shaq ah yesterday so hot...... very hot... very very hot... hmmmm balik then i discovered that ma mum and dad had a new teeth they made frm malaysia... hehehhehee.........quite ex la RM 450... hmmmm k la guys... i really gtg... chaaaalooo oh ya.. been very busy lately...... k la guys

addicted2myrongeng at 2:47 PM

Friday, March 11, 2005

:'( ma grandma in hospital again.. she cheated death last year.... arhh... im so worry bout her.. now she in icu at Changi general hospital... :'( goin to visit her later with ma mum.. around 4 plus.. hmmm k la guys.. thats all...

addicted2myrongeng at 3:22 PM

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

i super super super duper shaq... penat seh... super duper tired leh.... jus came back frm chalet.. hehehee having lots of fun there.. hehehe... having games.. etc.. will upload ma pics soon.. hehhee goin to combine all together... hehhee.. at the wild wild wet.. hehhe power.. ma team won the first prize.. hahhaa.. one thing that spoil... the SUN.. arhhhhh.. sunburn man... ma face all red till i met ma fren jus now and they commented that im blushing... hahhahaaaa..... overall im tired.. too tired really tired.. oh ya.. ma NEMO fish died.. :( 2 of them.. hmmm need to take care lots of fish... hehhee.. arwana etc.. k k dah.. im too tired...... take care guys... chaloooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 8:50 PM

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Miss Me,
hhahaha....hollaaaaaa...... been few days never update... k firstly im on MC for two days.. hahhaa sakit perut man... then esok got chalet.. ma team retreat...at loyang.. hahhaa.. surely
kena sabo.. cos im goin to ORD liaw.... hehhee... i dare take the challenge... hahaha.. must prepare bawak banyak baju... hehehhee arhhh.. surely im dead meat...... hahhaa.... but nvm.. the main thing is to have fun... will bring ma camera along.. then take picture many many.. hahhahaa.......................... 20 more days to ORD... 3 more tour on duty.. 2 Days werk 2 days off...1 tour on leave.. ORD lor... hahhaaaa......k la guys.. challoooooooooooooooooo wait for ma pics aights

addicted2myrongeng at 9:28 PM

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

hmm finally it rains.. ma gosh.. yesterday panas giler nye...... damn guess wat.. while tgh patroling tyre puncture... terok siak... under the hot sun.. hahha.. k nvm.. yesterday is a peace full day.. hahahaa...... hmmm dunno bout today. hope it rains till the next morning.... hahahhaa..... jus now around 5 am rains like cats and dogs.. the storm etc.. hahhahaa.. k k.. change subject.. hmmm tomorrow goin to suntec bout the career thingy.. with ma very best fren.. been few months already nevver meet.. looking forward to it.... hehhehee.. hope the rain stop so i can ride ma bike to work... if not kirim salam sudah.. i hate to get WET.. hahha so sticky........... hmmm and guess wat it stop... now... hope the rain will continue around 6... need to go to work early.. wanna go gym.. and play soccer..... hehhehe.. keep healthy lifestyle..... yeah thats ma motto... k la take care everyone... chaloooooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 12:42 PM

Monday, February 28, 2005

MErajuk la...... taknak ikut mak lagi... hemp.. ikut mak pun salah..hehehe.. i think i must stop telling u guys.. hahahaha... actually is good to follow ma mum gi pasar.... learn lots of thing... this and that..... learn to cook..... wat fish is good or bad.. fresh etc.... tul tak... who knoes ma future wife dunno how to cook.. i can cook .. hahhahaha..... k k..... i stop ma nonsence here.... hmmmmmmm the day before yesterday teruk tau.... at werk need to attend los of cases... semua mengarut nye... gangfight la.. bla bla bla.... arrived at scene.. no sign of case... it happen at hawker centre... full of chinese... and guess wat theres one casualty... approached us.. and he told us wat happen... the best thing is everyone dun want to become witness..... sign... there had clear evidence everything... terok tau now adays.. singaporeans.. u know y.. they all lazy to go court.... and jus about to report off.. there is a case of killer litter.. this sOtz aunty.. throw a vase from second floor and nearly hit a passerby.. nearly. sikit aje.... kalau kena mesti goal.... poor passerby.... hmmmm k forget bout it... yesterday went to psr fish farm and bought arwana.. super duper big.. hehehhe then gi ECP hawker and mamam there.... super full man.. theres ten of us... we order 8 stingray, 200 satay, 20 bbq chicken and many more.. hehhe super duper full... reach home in time to watch soccer . dun wish to talk about it... hehheeeeeee. and today.. ma mum go pasar without mi... cos im super duper shaq... tired la....... k la guys wanna gosok baju werk........... tatatatataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

addicted2myrongeng at 11:50 AM

Saturday, February 26, 2005

im so shaq yesterday... penat gila nye.. actually slack la at werk.. arh dunno ah.. start werk at 8 and sit down there doin nothing till 4pm.. then ade case.. damn stupidessss case man.. text of message " U COME FASTER MY FRIEND JUST SHOOT ME" wat u think .. is most urgent.. we tot ade shoot out or wat.. then.. jengjengjeng.... is a toy gun..... with air pressure.. nonsence la.. but the air gun look real.. then we confiscate it.. is illegal to have that.. sigh.. i use to play that when im young.. but now is diff.... is 2005 everything had change.. ehehhehe.... took statement and give a stern warning.. the boy can be arrested about his act.. benefit of adult gua kasi chance sama lu.. hehhehe. .got debriefing.. after werk all ma team mates wanna have dinner at alamin.. so.. by the time we reach there around... 2230 plus.. i reach home after mid night man.. so shaq.. tired.. chack ma mail then go to sleep.. woke up today at 9am follow ma mum gi pasar.... then throw rubbish.. etc.. house werk...... oh ya soon goin to queensway to check on plaque..... how much it is.. hmmmmm k la guys..... later im werking... better dont mess at ma area...... or else u will see mi MIB men in blue beside you.. hhahahahahaa... hopefully today all dont create trouble.. but today is saturday....... sigh.........hopefully today is a good tour.. good arrest.. hope to tangkap someone today.. k la... may peace be upon you.. assalamualaikum....

As I look out at the majestic sea,
I know you and I were meant to be.
I only wish I could make you see
how much your love means to me.
I wish I could walk up to you
and speak the words that lovers do.
But now I sit here sad and blue
wishing that I could be with you.

A relationship is like a rose,
How long it lasts, no one knows;
Love can erase an awful past,
Love can be yours,you'll see at last;
To feel that love, it makes you sigh,
To have it leave,you'd rather die;
You hope you've found that special rose,
Cause you love and care for the one you choose

addicted2myrongeng at 12:14 PM

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Damn.. guess wat happen jus now.. Jatuh dalam toilet seh... sakit pulak tu.. ma head hit the wall ... benjol seh.... pening kepala... cant think right now... arhhhhhhhhhhh so head ache... nvm.... k la guys tak leh angkat ah.. kena carry la.. gtg chaaaalooooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 9:56 PM

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

hMMMM hai guys.. been few days never update.. hehhee...... here goes.. yesterday was fun.. arrested a guy who snatch alady hand bag .. rabak seh tu budak... the guy put a knife on the lady neck and demand for her handbag.. teruk kan.. thanks to the passerby who help to chase the thief.. hmmm i think he goin to use that money to buy drugs... aniway.. we arrested the guy for arm robbery.. hahahaha padan muka dia...... 7 to 8 years in jail.. with 6 stroke.. hehhe i guesss.. reach home around 2200hrs.. shaq seh.. call few of ma friends semua da sleep... so bored.. today ma mum ask mi to follow her gi pasar... hehhee... anak mak. hehehe.. then had breakfast outside.... and reach home.. change water of ma fish tank.. ade white spot.. cian dia.. ma fish semua sakit.. hmmmmm..... change everything.. hope ma fish is alright..hmmm make new fren today.. hehhehee.... hope she's nice..... hmm k la.... chaloooooooo... take care aights

addicted2myrongeng at 1:30 PM

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sigh.... wat a day man... super duper shaq.. penat gila nye... yesterday b4 start werk went to gym then went to play soccer.. penat gila nye.. we play in the rain... then had our shower then start werk.. wat a day at werk man.. injured ma self.. because of someone.. sigh.. and ma groin hurt so bad... cant sleep.. then ask ma dad to urut.... mak oi. i shouted like help.. sakit giler nye.. then today macam nak keluar.. but i cant.. ma groin sakit giler .. damn.. so bored at home.. then i jus got to sleep for 2 hours.. then ma family ask mi to follow them to seletar fish farm.. hmm k la reach there.. so fun.. lots of fishes.. hehehe all kind.. then gi pasir ris.. u imagine la.. frm jurong to psr.. bought some fishes.. then balik... and i jus remember.. theres chingay.. damn.. no wonder theres something amiss.... nah... forget bout it....is over...... hmmmm.. hope ma groin will be better tomorrow................ chaaaaaaaaloooooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 9:38 PM

Monday, February 14, 2005

Hey GuYs Happy Valentines day aights... hehhehee jus take care of yourself jangan over sudah.. i jus stay at home.. hehhee date with Ma Mum.. hehehee... jus came back frm pasar... with her.. romantic kan.. hahahhaaa.... hhehehe actually today im werking later.. so nak date date nie semua for couple.....hhhaha so yang couple who motek motek around my area in the car dont be surprise police car jus beside to stop wat ya doin.. hahhaha... actually is an offence... Obscene act.. can be arrested....before public complain better we stop wat they doin... we know the law... wats right wats wrong.. we are the firefighter, paramedic,snake catcher,councellor, advisor guardian.. etc ...hahahhaa....jahat eh... hehheheee.... k k..... actually kan kita nie single mingle... hehehheee... nak cari pun macam da serik... put in a lot of effort then kena backstab.. sigh..... macam da tawar hati gitu.. if they can convince mi tu bagus la.... but nah.... Career come first.. got money got permanent work they come to mi.. tul tak...there still fishes in the pond..hahahaa Getting ma own car soon.. end of this year.. hehehheee... i will achieve that.. k la babe..... challoooooooooooooooooooo Heartlander On Rounds...... hahahhahaahahaa

addicted2myrongeng at 12:23 PM

Thursday, February 10, 2005

im here again... saying wats life..... Life Can be UnderStood backwards.. but must lived forward man.. i Will bloom where i planted.. from the roots... dont go through life , grow through life.. the greater obstacle.. The more glory we overcome it.. hmmm ber falsafah kita nie... faham faham ajela... yesterday at werk slack gila nye...... hehehee...get to know this guy who is reservist...he is a bouncer.. heheh really big guyla... muscular.. got some tip... hehehe... hmmm actually later im going to gym.. hehehe... need to tone up ma body... really...... wanna shape it.. need to diet.... etc need to discipline ma self hehhheee....... see the result in two months aights....hmmmm ma fish mati... :'( so far 5 mati.. heran la... waiting for ma pay then buy ma fish medicine.. hehehehe.. cian dia... yesterday look at ma old personal pic.. rindu seh all ma frens. secondary sch... primary sch.. ma starbucks fwen.. everyone.... sekarang semua da kerja.... busy masing masing.. and GJ fwens.. rindu siak semua................. Valentines day coming.....hahhahhaa lots of ma fwens ask mi takde date ke.. tak keluar ke.... i jus told them.. everyday can be valentines day ... tul tak... aniway takde date pun.. need to werk.. jus werk lor.. the next day then off... heheheheheeeeee..... jus be ma self.. this saturday i need sumone to accompany mi gi sim lim square... need to buy MP3.. sigh.. maybe gi alone..... yah dapat gaji... need to pay the phone bill etc...been 1 month never go out accept gi werk aje.. jus no mood la dunno y..they keep sms mi but to bad.. lum top up la..HP.. sigh..... hmmmm yah later need to go werk.. mi lum sleep lagi... hope today is a happening day for mi...... good arrest.. kan best.... aiming for that... thats y need to go gym.............so leh chase... hehehe k la guys... got to go.......... nak sleep .... take care aights..... all the best for mi......... hahahahaaa... chaaaaaloooooooooooomanoooooo... JengJeNgjEng

addicted2myrongeng at 2:35 PM

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

GonG xi Fa Cai to all ma chinese fwens... hehhehe hope u guys get more oranges then hang Bao..... hahhaaaaa... and Guess wat im werking on chinese new year... hopefully u guys dont create trouble aights... if not.. heartlander come to the rescue...hope is a peaceful day tomorrow
.. hm sigh...... hehhehe... k la .. i been good guy lately..... hehhe stay at home... help ma mum... do housework.. thats all.. no mood to keluar la......Guys korang ade read newspaper about the baby boy been abandon near the rubbish chute at 11 floor.. gosh... aru tgk cerita HANYUT seh bout short gun.. and this wat happen.. See la singapore one more children.. but more children had been throw away... poor thing.. there are innocent seh. k la... guys... gtg.... chaloooooooooooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 7:53 PM

Monday, February 07, 2005

Sigh.. i think i will drop ma studies...... im confused..... i really need sumone to be there for mi...to tell mi and show mi the correct path wat to do.... stress tau...Is About the cost.. the time... the future... the technology that goin to happen...... sigh......

addicted2myrongeng at 10:45 PM

Friday, February 04, 2005

Hola.... guess.. been sick for this pass one week.... sigh.. nak gi doctor malas.... alahai... hmmmm and is raining cats and dogs now.. ahhh .. ma mum ask mi to go out to buy some stuff.... should be after the rain la.... very very soon... hehhee goin to borrow ma brother in laws PS2... main game lagi bagus.. hehehehe..... im bored... lonely.. and quite sleepy.. nice weather to sleep hehhee... thats all guys..... chaloooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 4:16 PM

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Damn man... pagi pagi ma mum da kejut kan... hmm sigh.... and mi lum mandi lagi hehehe... straight on ma comp.... ma head a bit headache la.... i think im sick... arhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... dunno la... werking night shift later..... hmmm k la guys... gtg........ tatatata

addicted2myrongeng at 1:01 PM

hmmm hi guys.. today went to check up hehhee brought ma camera with mi.. hehhe.. jus got few pics only...i will put all in one, one day aights... hmm sigh... so bored... hmmmm i think i must not find love or the girl i want it to be... is better i jus have ma own life enjoy ma single day and let the love goes to mi...i jus need to concentrate wat im goin to do... really....let nature take place... hmm all is faith..hmmm i think i must stop buying flower etc... sigh... hmmm jus now at werk theres Aetos Axullilary Police.. do i spell it correctly... arr... nvm.. gues wat.. basic pay $800 plus $100 shift allowance and OT...1 hr is $8 and they add $50 if never take MC..so get $1700 3 years contract they pay u $3000and so on...2 days morning , evening and night and two days off... hmmmmm nah... dis is ma last resort...... let mi wat i wanna be first.. sigh..... i tried to sign on but rejected i mean not rejected la.. lum reply..... so jus continue studies.. dont care wat people say.. but ma course cost $40,000 +++ oh gosh... pay ma own.. need to find full time office hour.. sigh..... office boy la nampak nye.. hehhe... hmm.....oh ya.. ma fren told mi he goin to open so call a restaurant at town area.. spanish-italian-boyanese restaurant..and guess wat i planned to have sheesha there...hehehe we jus think off only........aiyooooooo and see... wats the time now... 0138am.. in the mornin..... and tomorrow im werking night... and i have not had ma dinner yet... azlan azlan... sigh... and theres another goals i wanna archieve.. hhehehe.. thats is.. to tone ma body up... this two months.. yeah.. will train train train train.... be decipline.. diet... and be a diff man..and pass ma driving licence.. hehhee... yeah No woMen No Cry....thats mi... Change for the best.......................

addicted2myrongeng at 1:11 AM

Monday, January 31, 2005

holaaa guys.... hmmm today is monday... Monday blues man... hehhee woke up arlund 10am... then follow ma mum gi pasar.. hehhehe... and do sumthing to ma fish...... hehhe.. and im here.... all day long... hehhee..oh ya im goin to ORD checkup tomorrow.. hehhe then got makan makan later... hehhe shiok ah.....hmmm sigh.... hmm im worried bout ma grandma.... she behave unusual already..... her appearance pun da lain seh.... pray to her so much. hope she will get better soon... cos she like showing us somethong but dunno wat... then ma dad told mi lets see 40days... if there anything happen.... :'-( hope she be alright..... miss u granny............. k la gtg..... chaaalooo take care everybody....

addicted2myrongeng at 8:08 PM

Sunday, January 30, 2005

wat a day man yesterday.. i jus found out tat ma fwen pass away... 4 days later.. :'( da ajal dia... hes jus 21 ...sigh....bike accident.. SCDF.. thats y i dunt like bikes bcos of dis.. sigh... u have to go u have to go.. hmmm is a shaq day yesterday man... hehehe at work arrested 3 subject man.. hehhe cool huh.. but really shaq la... never have a good enough rest... then reach home around 10 am and went to buy fish stuff.. like aquarium.. hehhe making two of it.. hehhe.. super shaq man.. design it like hell.. from 4pm till 8 pm.. super shaq....then mop the floor, throw rubbish, cook and guess wat i have not had any meal yet... arhhhhhhhhhh... super duper hungry and super duper shaq... tired....... superrb man..thats all buddies...... chaaaaaaaaaloooooooooooooooomaaaanoooo

addicted2myrongeng at 9:24 PM

Friday, January 28, 2005

Wat Did i Do....
Sigh.. Wat did i do... Sigh... im so bored now... im So sick.. so streSS arhhh..... i jus dunno wat to do seh... so stress up.....GuesS wat i tried to Sign On ... jUS wait for the result man... hmmmm duNno wat to Do.. Goin To Study so hard man.. tHis is the day this is the time... i will Archieve it man with ma hard werk and effort i put in...AND i hate gals man.. wat they do.. hurt people feeling je..and make use of guys $$$...really .. i been tru this lots of time..i keep learning ma mistake.. but i try to put in ma mind not all are the same ..or God trying to show mi sumthing..She's not the one etc or He teaching mi sumthing..hmmmm.... sigh.. i jus hate it.. hopefully one day sumone can convince mi... nah cant force sumone to love u kan... so jus bee it..y dun they jus tell the truth...so that i wont get so upset..alahhai who knows down the road i will meet sumone..who know how to respect,understanding,non smoker nor drinker,honest and tak kurang ajar... u never know..Cakap je hard to get la rare la etc...Nonsense sigh...when i treasure , i really treasure it.. Aniway im not in hurry.. CAREER comes first.....LoVe HuRts... TruTh hurts...

addicted2myrongeng at 10:33 PM

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sigh..... wat a day man.. hmmm Hari raya Haji was a great day.. hehehe check the pics aights... hehehe.... hmmm the day b4 today went out with ma fren.. hehe a lovely fren... to town.. and guess who i spot.. all ma frens there.. around 20 people like that.. hehe macam dah janji gitu.. hehehe play pool etc... then chill... and help ma fren probs.. kecian dia... aniway i advice her wat to do.. is up to her now.. all the best rusty... hmmmm hmmm k la thats all... tomorrow im werking man.. hehehe wat a day........ and is Monday.. oh gosh.. Monday Bluesssssssssssssssss........ Hopefully tomorrow is a fine and beautiful day......Chaloooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 8:46 PM

Friday, January 21, 2005

Selamat aidiladha yeee kepada semua umat muslimin dan muslimat... kalau azlan ade terkasar bahas harap diampun kan .. semua halal kan k.... hehhee k guys... so far so good today... went to the mosque today.. not so pack ah.. hehehe.... hmmmmmmm hopefully today is a peacefull day.... hehhehe jus wait for ma pics aights....Chalooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 9:18 AM

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Damn i got flu man.. im on medical leave for two days.. i must have dissapoint lots of ma frens at werk.. cos they have taken leave.. for tomorrow.. sigh.. sorry guys.. i really cant make it.. got fever flu cough.. i think i over werk.. tu la rajin sangat.. all volunteer.. sigh.. i love werking man.. hehehe sigh... im at home.. i cant rest to ma mum ask mi to this and that.. one thing about ma mum.. she love to cook.. hhehe her cooking superb.. but ma dad better.. hehhe lontong , ayam masak merah, sambal goreng , udang etc.. all for tomorrow men.. damn all the kambing is not coming tomorrow.. sigh.. boleh tolong 2 at masjid... .. yesterday ma dad rebus lontong.. hehehe.. hmmm must learn frm ma dad..need skill though..... hmmmmm yes.. tomorrow goin to meet ma grandma(scandal) hehehe da lama da tak jumpa.. rindu seh... hehhehee .. love to disturb her.. hmmm need to go to twoplaces.. at tampines and at bukit batok.... hmmmm been few months seh tak jumpa.. hmmmmm sigh.. k la guys gtg..... Chalooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 7:01 PM

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Guys spot anything new at ma bloggy... hehehhe is at ma Tag BOard.. style tak.. nie semua skill.... hehhehehehe hmmm lots of planned coming up.. sigh.... hmmmmm cam ne eh..... sigh... guess wat.. today i bought live crab, lobster turtle etc ... new pet hahahha ...... for fun jeee... hmmmm so far life been good.. bored stress sumtimes... Luv Not in the Air.... hahhaha..... LIfe Sux..................

addicted2myrongeng at 9:21 PM

Friday, January 14, 2005

haluu guys i jus got ma singtel PreeeeePaiddddd Card number 90157071 hehheee... jus sms mi aights... hhhehhee damn super duper tired man.. jus came back and later need to go werk again.. shack giler nye..... sigh.... hmm wso far werk ... never give probs hehheee.... hmmm take care guys.... wanna sleeeeeeppppp zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZ Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 11:49 AM

Thursday, January 13, 2005

sorry been busy lately la.. hmmm stress.. im so stress at werk.. not b'cos of werk , is about wat im goin to do after ord... so pening kepala....really need to plan in advance.. time is money.. bout ma school lagi.. alahai....
how to support ma family.. cos ma sis moving u out...arhhh..... and ma Hp... need to get the cheapest phone in town.. hmmmm shaq siak.... sigh.. hate pay day.. need to pay dis and that... sigh... so shack at werk.. got nothing to do... luckily after werk ma cutie talkative nice fwen invite us to go for sheesaing... lepas kan stress akuuuu....everyone been telling each other.. later kita gi Isap.. hahhaa... reach home about 2100hrs..hmm ma fwen fetch mi and we headed to arab street.. mamam at Zam Zam ala Kazam then went to Al MaGLis..sit down there for 3 hours... jokin around, posing here and there, playing board games and story telling.. heheh kekekek to the max... then we cabut there around 3am... the end... check the pics aights...... chalooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 3:13 AM

Saturday, January 08, 2005

sigh.... jus reaach home.... sigh.. so shaq at work.. damn... hmmm and i lost ma HP.. damn it.. jus dunno where i put it damn... bingit seh.. so people u cant call mi.. i can call u hehhe... actually is good mi hilang.. the phone give mi lots of problem.. sigh..... i recovered bout yesterday prob...U Cant force someone kan.. sigh... the guy must be the lucky guy man... wish both of them all the best.... Congrats... too bad life must go on..... wat to do..... luckily theres few of ma fren understand mi.. thanks man......... k gtg.... chaloooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 10:42 PM

Friday, January 07, 2005

im lost word......... jus hurt deeply inside... see i expected already... she attached... if she had told mi earlier my feeling wont be hurt deeply inside...... she jus playing with mi... truth hurts.. but tak mati pe....... she could had told mi earlier................. when im trying to know her better.. she attached 2 months ago.... 2 months not 2 days... y all girls are the same... y they never tell the truth.. so that theres a line... there i cant cross....... sigh.. it happen to mi again.... she found someone already... make sure that he take care of her well..... she jus ma best friend, shoulder to cry on and someone i admired much....Damn i will miss her smile, her jokes everything la.. but nah... we still friends........hopefully she will call mi or sms mi if there any problem.. i jus treasure our friendship so much..................................................Chaloooo

True Fren Know The Hurts In Ur Eyes,
Where Others Were Fooled By Ur Smile.

addicted2myrongeng at 4:16 PM

hi guyS.... im really having fun man... Dinner and Dance at orchid country club.. power.. hehhe full of games lucky draw.. hehhee and guess wat i won ma self .. a $100 popular voucher.. cool right.. hehhee.. ma fren got an X-box.. power seh and ma another fren got the first prizes that is a travel packages to no where.. hehhe dunno the place la.. and guess who i took picture with.. Taufik Batisah hehhee he was there.. hehee he frm.. hmm cant tell ya.. hehehhe so he sing his fav song mrs jones and i dream.. hehhee.. cool la and i took lots of picture with ma frens.. working frens

theres more pic.. go and check it out aights.. lots of chicks too hehehe... and im super duper shaq.........take care aigths . chaaaaalooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 5:34 AM

Thursday, January 06, 2005

wazzup... super duper shaq man... hehhee... jus came back frm werk.. so bored.. im sleeping all the way man...hehehe so free man... sigh.. now i must get prepare for later Dinner and dance for my Jurong Police Division....... hehehe mesti gerek nye.. but.. they ask mi to wear all black.. but too bad.. no black la.. so im wearing ma white long sleeves Levis. levis jeans and kickers shoe.. later i take picture of ma self and let u see aights... hehhehe mesti ehemm..... heheheh k la guys nak gosok baju. take care aights.... chalooooooooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 11:51 AM

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

hai guys.. jus came back frm KL yesterday 2100hrs... super shaq man... i really enjoy ma self man there.. with ma werking mates..jus finish 2nd shift werk and straight to goldenmile complex.. Left here at 1230hrs and reach there at 1800hrs by bus.. reach there check in at our Swiss Garden Hotel.. cool man..then we went to petaling street where all the cheaps stuff there.. u can bagain to death.. first night went to club at jalan P.Ramlee .. ok la not bad.. till late night and we walk back to our hotel quite a distance la is like plaza sing to far east.. then on the way thats lots of shemale... hehe bapok to the max man.. yucks..we did not know that our area is full of bapoks and pros... sigh.. arrive at our hotel.. we slept and miss our beautiful breakfast.. woke up at 12pm then take a shower and we all went to times square .. hehhee cool man.. in built roller coaster rides.. is like fun fair gitu.. hehhe then we went to KLCC.. walk and walk and walk.. till ma nature call.. shit need to find toilet and we found it and guess wat.. it cos RM2 to enter Premier toilet and KLCC... damn.. we jus tried out.. wow.. power man... lots of toileteries.. hehehe .... then we walk to Hard Rock Cafe.. quite a distance.. bought some stuff and went back to our hotel... took a rest for a while and we went out agian to LOT 10 bukit bintang there.. the quiksilver shop.. quite ex la.. hmm by the time is around eveining and we went back and get ready to club again.. hhhehe this time we went to HRC to have our dinner.. hehhe cool kan.. it cos us RM 35 per person... 7 of us.. went there.. guess who i saw.. Nisha Aziz.. hehe quickly take ma digital camera and have a shot man.. hehhee then we jus to THe Big Band.. cool man.. took some picture with them and guess who we saw.. this big guy.. actor also la can say.. take picture with him hehhehe and the time is 0300am.. so mi and ma fren tak puas.. so we went to the club nearby and they play RnB song etc.. ape lagi we dance and dance.. 4 of us la.. we did not notice there is a group of malaysian gals around us.. cool la quite pretty... so we take picture gether gether.. hehhee they so sporting.. heheheh... then we walk back again.. budget dok.. we need to pass the restricted area again.. and this time we need to draw some cash and guess wat we be surrounded by bapoks again.. yucks.. k then we went to our hotel around 4am and guess wat we have some evil plan.. hehehe we bought this glow in the dark cream and put at ma fren face.. hhehehe b4 tat we told one of the guy we saw a green head flying .. so.. mi and ma frens.. plan how to execute it.. and we did it.. He got pUnk!! hahhaa and we tried to disturb others to no avail.. hmm slept at 6am and work up at 9am and tried not to miss our breakfast.. cos we need to checkout at 12pm.. hmmmm checkout and we went to petaling street for last minute shopping.. damn freaking shaq sia.. super hotday.. bought lots of stuff... and we headed back to our hotel to wait for our coach... left Kl at 1645 and reach here at 2100hrs.. and luckily they drop near tang dynasty.. near ma house.. hehhehe safe duit.. i use up Rm400 man... hehhehe might be goin again... march.. siapa nak ikut.. hehhehe check ma pics aigths... oh damn.. guess wat im werking tonight.. arhhhhhhhhhh and tomorrow ade Dinner and dance arhhh......take care aigths.. check out the pics aigths

addicted2myrongeng at 2:40 PM

Saturday, January 01, 2005

u guys must be thinking y ma video clip been quite.. is due to the server man.. server down.. hehhee harap menungu.. hehhee....im goin to KL this 2 jan..... hehehee cool.. then after dat go DnD... cool...... hehhehee i wil be very busy this pass few days...wana buy shesha equipment for ma self.. hehhee wanna buy jeans shoe and etc.. hehhehe damn it man im home alone now and listening to reggae all day man.. blast the volume already so far no complt i think soon la.. hahaha... ahhhhh tgh packing man... hehehehe hmmmm oh happy new year... and is saturday man.. and im werking tonight...... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then straight to werk.. very shaq man.. yesterday i went to chimes.. hehhe salsa.. cool man... ma frens all drinks.. but not mi.. hehhehee theres a limit.. heheheh...... happening night la... ok la theres fire works .... hehehe hmmmm k la gtg i be back in 4 jan.... if i be back la ........ k la guys take care Chaaaaaa looooooo

addicted2myrongeng at 3:17 PM

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A relationship is like a rose,
How long it lasts, no one knows;
Love can erase an awful past,
Love can be yours, you'll see at last;
To feel that love, it makes you sigh,
To have it leave, you'd rather die;
You hope you've found that special rose,
Cause you love and care for the one you LuV

As I look out at the majestic sea,
I know you and I were meant to be.
I only wish I could make you see
how much your love means to me
I wish I could walk up to you
and speak the words that lovers do.
But now I sit here sad and blue
wishing that I could be with you.

you make me warm,You make me sigh,
When I see you,In my mind,
Your beautiful hair,Your Beautiful Eyes,
Make me feel,Like ill never Die,
When I am sad,and cant make it through,
I just close my eyes,and dream of you,
For at that time,While your on my mind,
all my problems,Are left behind.
If I had a choose,I wouldn’t change a thing,
Because your perfect,Just like a dream,
Id kill for you,And even die,
To make your life,Last a longtime,
You were sent from heaven,I know its true,
Because no one else,Is as perfect as you.

"I smiled to many people for more than a billion times; but when I first saw you, my heart took over and smiled for the first time."

"Happiness is falling asleep next to you and waking up thinking I'm still in my dreams."

Today is a beautiful day but still it doesn’t inspire me because internally my day is filled with torment. I am in despair because I have not had enough of you in my life lately. I ve become accustom to the sweet serenity of your voice and the way your conversation excites and stimulates me. I miss everything about you especially the way our lives have become intricately interwoven. So enjoy the sunshine on your beautiful face, just realize that the sunshine is not shining on me until I hear from you. My sunshine depends on you baby.

ThIs Is LiFe,

i think im fall in love again....i DouBt man.. and i dun wanna make the same mistake.. for now jus wanna know her well inside and outside... whenever u miss sombody , wats does that tell u..? u cant control ur feeling right.. it come true frm ur heart..buttt is she the one for mi... and am i the one for her....this question always come tru couple life... know her about 1 year liaw.. hoppefully she give mi chance to know her better... sometimes im scared to fall in love... it really hurts... badly..but sumtimes when u show feeling towards her she might not like it and she might stay away frm u..im fear of that.. I think she know i like her and she said that she not ready yet..i must respect that.. u cant force sumeone to love u right... in the process of knowing her better suddenly she attached with sumone else if i never confess tohere earlier . . if i confess to her she might keep distance away frm mi.. im confuse.. Theres competition. .... sigh..everytime im looking forward to talk to her or meet achi up.. she make ma day ,make mi happy, make me smile easy to say that she understand mi... hmm i really miss her smile , her jokes everything..althought she stay on the other end i dont mind meet her up there...shes ma everything ....during this time till next year i really need sumeone to guide me.. so far she alwaes there if i need help only that when she super busy she will ignore me. i will wait for her till she ready and.. finally wanna say that i reallyyyyyy miss that particular person......

addicted2myrongeng at 5:36 PM

Damn left 48 hours to next year.. macam cepat gitu.. hehehe jus came back frm werk and im so shaq man.. leaving to KL after new year.. hehehe 2 jan to 4 jan with ma fwens around 25 gitu.. hehehe comfirm gerek nye.. hahhaaa.. goin to have fun there all night long man.. hehhee and tomorrow i suppose to be off.... damn kena gi in-service.. till 5pm.. boring siak.. macam malas gitu...... very the malas man.. malas abis.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh ....

addicted2myrongeng at 5:24 PM

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

wat a year man.. my uncle and ma greatgrandma passed away together.. macam da janji gitu.. the worst thing is i cant melawat them as ma leave da habis... shit man.. i hated this year so much.. on april ma grandfather passed away, during fasting month ma grandma sister passed away,and ma 2nd grandfather also passed away,and afew days after raya ma uncle passed away.... and now ma uncle and greatgrandma passed away.. :'( sigh...... i think this is all fated la.... but i got sumthing to confess... THIS YEAR IS A BAD YEAR........................................

addicted2myrongeng at 2:46 PM

Muhammad Azlan Bin ahmad Mahdi
GJ Azee Jeng Jeng Jeng
100 Yrs Old,2nd April,SinGle and Available, staying at Taman Jurong_last child in the Family of 3, very pampered child,standing at 1.77cm,NoN Smoker,NoN Drinker,Loves ReGGae, friendly OK Go nye,Luvs to make fwens,suka Lepakz,

<<Turn On>>
cars i really love sport car hehhee and Bikes too Scrambler And Vespa and i really loves Quiksilver stuff and Levis StRauss and the oe dat really turn mi on is Sexy Legs Sexy Eyes Sexy Lips hahaha
<<Turn Offs->>
Body smell, BO, Bad Breath bad hair days really turn me off, yellow teeth hahahhaa

Hmmm Levis , quiksilver mostly surf stuff la, Huga boss and ma fav colour is red black white hehehe

Al-MAjlis for sheeshaing,StarBUckz Liat tower for free drinks hehehe ma old werk place la,WiNdLAnDs HouSe where i can see blue stars,EsPlaNade nice scenery, EaSt CoAst for the sea, SenToSa the sun the sand and the sea,AirPort peacefullness

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My SeCoNd WeBby

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Archery with the gang
Ma Bday 2 april
Last day of ma NS LIfe
Hari RaYa Haji 2005
SheeShaing After WErk
Dinner And DancE 6 Jan 2005
KL TriP 2 Jan to 4 JAn 2005
SoFiTel PalM ReSoRt 12-14 dec 04
Sis Wedding 2nd may 04
Hari raya 2004 with fwens and cuzin
Hari Raya with family 04
Sheesha session
MemBeRz GuA
Jamming Session
Geng LepakZ
Beach Club
Dinner After Soccer Game
Hari raya with Fwens 03
Hari raya 2003
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Singing ConTest
Army Daze
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